CALMED & CO introduces the first ever EMERGENCBD COLLECTION GIFT SET, including the new collection of Calmed CBD Cubes. 


Discover the power of plants, our Calmed box is powered by CBD products giving you the calmness you need. This gift box contains everything you need for a daily CBD self-care routine, featuring all incredible benefits of CBD into a gift box. Our CBD products feature a unique texture and consistency. All products are created in GMP certified facilities with technique of precise CO2 extraction, and third-party lab tested to offer you with the purest CBD treat that nature could offer. Supporting your psychological functions and let alone help to calm your mind.


Gift Box contains:

| Calm. CBD Cube x 1

| Heal. CBD Cube x 1

| Sleep. CBD Cube x 1




| Sense of calm focus

| Mental & physical well-being

| Healthy joint mobility

| Normal inflammatory response

| Healthy sleep cycle


Calmed Box -EMERGENCBD Collection

HK$880.00 Regular Price
HK$600.00Sale Price