Meet the founder, Gianne.


Starting from last year, I realized people surrounding me are having trouble getting some quality sleep, some are even suffering from insomnia because of stress.

I have also been suffering from some mental issues starting from 2013. Facing many ups and downs, I have seeked help from professionals and gone through treatments. Luckily, I was introduced to CBD products when I was travelling in LA. My world has changed ever since. 

In my journey of coping with issues like bipolar, depression, thyroid and insomnia, I found that CBD really helped a lot especially when I needed to feel calm and less tense. On the search for the right supplement, I noticed many CBD products are not 100% CBD isolate which contain THC - an ingredient that is illegal in Hong Kong and psychoactive. This inspired me to found Calmed & Co. 

I want to find a legal and inexpensive way to offer pure CBD products to people in Hong Kong, and of course, also to promote the importance of self-love by using a more natural way.

I’m so excited to be able to share with you about Calmed & Co. I hope you love it as much as I do. Unlike a lot of CBD products on the market, every serving is packed with a high dose of at least 15mg of CBD, so you get results instantly. 

The entire Calmed & Co collection is 100% free from THC and GMO. The whole product line is formulated to focus on improving wellbeing, by using the highest quality CBD ingredients, GMP certified, certified vegan, cruelty free and contains USDA certified ingredients. 

That's how Calmed & Co was born - with a mission for quality, transparency and efficacy.